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Project Summary

'No more change in Climate’ with this slogan ‘Climate Radio’ initiative has been started mission. This is an on-demand online radio from Bangladesh. On May 2009 it has started the mission by publishing the voice of climate victims. The main purpose of this initiative is to disseminate suffering and life news of Bangladeshi climate victims with their own voice in global stage through global media intervention. We believe, although it is a small local content publishing initiative, but have power to reach in global policy making and huge number of internet audience that may influence to establish climate justice worldwide.


After SIDR , Bangladesh was continually attached by a number of climate change linked storms like Rashmi, Bijlee, Nargis etc. Whenever there is happen Aila - storm with flood, it was confirmed Bangladesh has been seriously affected by the climate change. The huge number of murder happen by SIDR and Aila that made debates both national and international media particularly focus to policy level , compensation, climate justice etc. But the voice of victims could not get space even now in mainstream media, policy and development process! . As the developing countries reality, the grassroots people has less options and opportunity in subjective leadership, media and democratic rights. So we have decided to use the digital opportunity for publishing the grassroots voice beyond the conventional border of access and censorship by launching the initiative, 'Climate Radio'. The motivation is fully non profit and for public good. It is a zero funded project but we are running and have plan to continue with our limited efforts. But it will be help if get grand or external support would be helpful for its expansion.


This project nominated to the ISIF Asia award because…



- Strengthening the voice of voiceless
- Producing local content with the voice and speeding worldwide for climate justice
- Influencing local and global policy on climate change issue by disseminating voice of victims

Technical details and contribution to innovation

Pod casting, multimedia, new media applications


- Local content production
- Dissemination
- Online Campaign and advocacy in favor of climate victims


A prod casting website in which address is

Publications and dissemination efforts

Internet, social media, pod casting and multimedia technology

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Shahjahan Siraj

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