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Project Summary

UnnayanTV is the first educational and development online video channel in Bangladesh. Since April 2005 it is publishing open video contents on popular culture, human rights development, climate change and life style etc local issues for better understanding of Bangladesh and its cultural spirit. This alternative online media project is a steps to popularize and to promote the unheard and unreported Bangladeshi voice over internet and multimedia intervention. It is contributing to establish a peaceful information society by disseminating Bangladesh by strengthening the motto of 'Culture of Peace'

The Bengali word "Unnayan" stands for 'Development'. It promotes the 'development' terminology beyond the traditional approach of media and development. It is a multimedia local content production initiative. All the content of UnnayanTV is copyright free open content any body anytime can use public purposes. It emphasis to the local voice and story telling with journalistic approach to inform, inspire and making interest the global audiences to Bangladeshi culture and development issues. It is a zero funded a non-profit project of Machizo Multimedia Communication.


The concept of UnnayanTV is a outcome of 'UnnayanNews' multimedia web zine project. In the UnnayanNews project in early 2005 I was publishing news with photo, flash slideshow and small video sometime, I keenly felt to publish a InternetTV. But of that time the internet was very slow in speed both for upload and download matters. At first initiative was started with video content as small sized WMV ( 'Window Media Video') format. After that whenever the Google and YouTube platform was getting popular, UnnayanTV was started to publish with YouTube play listing for making more wide distribution parallel to it own URL.

Although it was worried on the gaint global online media intervention but it not stop to publish the quality video content with the lowest budget! UnnayanTV still is inheriting the pioneer spirit of internet and local media that will strength local voice, local reality as well as local opportunities. It widely emphasis on the content production as along with access, the quality local content is important equally for proper solution of digital divide. If there is no quality content, but have only access, the culture, reality and opportunity would be controlled by the entertainment and business-based online global media. The ICT justice and freedom will not be appear both in system and information flow. The online media may will lost its mission of common good.


This project nominated to the ISIF Asia award because…

UnnayanTV is a zero funded project. As video production is still expensive media, it would be helpful to generate seed money to produce quality video projection. We have plan to open two new chapter 'Education' and 'Social Awareness' where we would like to screen series of documentaries and short films on grassroots development and social issues to create mass people awareness.

However as ISIF award is IGF event, if we win the award we will get opportunities to join in the Global ICT event, which profoundly will impact in our activities, however we will get opportunities to introduce ourselves with global networking.

More over as ISIF Award is an important award on ICT and New Media innovation, we will be able to promote our activities worldwide with its links and network. We may will get more opportunities to expand the UnnayanTV as full phase online TV.



Open video production and online video distribution on popular culture and human rights development that global audience can understand Bangladesh properly for establishing 'Culture of Peace' which is one of the important goals of UN (United Nations). As culture of peace is on of the precondition for establishing 'Peaceful Information Society', UnnyanTV focuses on the popular culture that inspire and unity the majority people by understanding each-other over the cultural stuffs.

Technical details and contribution to innovation


1. JVC, Sony, Canon EOS DSLR
2. Abobe Multimedia and Video Software and Technology

Publishing and Distribution:
1. Joomla open source
2. Online video gallery extension
2. YouTube embedding
3. Social media
4. PHP, MySQL database


Video productions on popular culture, human rights development and life style issues.


Four categories based series of web documentaries and open videos which are displaying at http://www.machizo.com/unnayantv

Publications and dissemination efforts


Awards and distinctions

1. Awarded by - Manthan Award South Asia 2008 2. Final list - Stockholm Challenge 2008



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Project Representative

Md. Shahjahan Siraj

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