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Project Summary is Indonesia’s leading fundraising platform for social and community causes. Our primary target market is called ‘urban changemakers’, those who sincerely care and want to make a change but are constrained by limited time and resources. This is where Kitabisa steps in; these urban changemakers can use our platform to easily set up a fundraising campaign page for causes that matters to them, and activate their network potential to make it come true. Our secondary target market is NGOs and communities that seek to fundraise for their own projects or programs. Following our tagline of connecting kindness, Kitabisa aims to provide the best fundraising solution for the Indonesian market. From fundraising toolkit to direct fundraising support, Kitabisa goes beyond providing a platform. We are here to seriously help people make an impact for causes they are working on. Since our inception in late 2013, we have facilitated and supported over 150 fundraising campaigns from all across Indonesia, raising more than $250K donations from the public.


Kitabisa operates in a market with $27 billion annual donation potential, yet only 1% has been realized last year according to the Indonesian reserve bank. We have less than 10 million credit card user and under 100 million bank account owners. This means that traditional direct giving is still a common practice. However, as the shift towards digital is increasing at a rapid phase, we are confident that our platform will become the top of mind for digital fundraising and donation in the future. Since our inception in late 2013, we have helped facilitated over 150 fundraising campaigns raising over $250k. The biggest challenge in the market today is developing trust and credibility, as well as maintaining relationship with our fundraisers and donors to keep using Kitabisa for their fundraising and doation channel.


There are many great ideas to solve Indonesia’s social problem that are finding it difficult to access the resources to make it happen. On the other hand, there are a lot of good people who are willing to support but don’t know how and where to start. This gap is what causes many of those great initiatives failing to be realized. aims to tackle that problem by becoming an intermediary for collaboration.

This project nominated to the ISIF Asia award because…

In Indonesia, we have a deeply rooted social value called gotong-royong or communal collaboration. It helps shape a strong collaborative culture and social capital for Indonesia. Kitabisa aims to amplify that existing capital to the next level, from offline to online. Being one of the early movers in digital fundraising, we are leading the innovation in helping social fundraising achieve their goal.

1. Simple & powerful fundraising platform: Our platform is built to scale and facilitate as many fundraising campaigns as possible. Through our platform, campaigners can start receiving donations through bank transfers (a challenge that many foreign NGO has) and credit card (a challenge that many local NGO/community has). Moreover, the platform provides a transparent ecosystem where campaigners are obligated to regularly update progress of his/her campaign to the donors.

2. Direct project support: It is common to find people/community/NGO/social enterprises that have an impactful program, yet finds it difficult to communicate their message to get public support (in our case, donation). Following this, we spent most of our early days directly approaching potential campaigns and help craft their storytelling and fundraising strategy. While it may look unscalable at the beginning, the resulting success stories helped inspire and educate upcoming campaigns.

3. Fundraising campaign service: Still resonating on the first point, all too often the challenge for fundraising is the lack of resource and expertise. Therefore we established a dedicated team to provide fundraising campaign service. This service basically puts our team in charge for the entire fundraising effort. With our donation source tracking technology, we are able to identify donations that are channeled through our effort. For this service, we charge 15% out of every funds collected through our service.

4. Putting the Fun in Fundraising: As much as some people/organization dislike fundraising, it is an important aspect of making an impact. We try to make fundraising fun by introducing and encouraging creative ways of fundraising. This has result in an increase in young people’s active participation in fundraising for social causes in our platform.

Team started as a project under Rumah Perubahan, a social enterprise in running community empowerment programs. Following support from Suit Media, a digital agency, and investment made from Prof. Rhenald, the CEO of Rumah Perubahan, Kitabisa becomes an independent entity in 2015 and now employs 5 full timers to run the project.


1. Becoming Indonesia’s top of mind fundraising solution
2. Realizing millions of local potential through fundraising
3. Providing the most flexible and relevant fundraising solution for the local market

Technical details and contribution to innovation

We developed the platform from the scratch by our in house programmer.
• Operating System : Linux Ubuntu Server
• Web Server : Digital Ocean
• Database Server : Digital Ocean
• Programming Language : PHP
• Web Framework : Yii

We also developed Fundraiser features that enable everyone to fundraise with unique link, so they can track their campaign impact individually. Beside that we keep exploring about digital marketing strategy for fundraising, we used several software to crawl and building the data to target the customer better.


1. Product development (on-going, continuous)
2. Marketing and socialization (on-going, continuous)


More than $250K collected from the crowd for more than 150 projects

Publications and dissemination efforts

Awards and distinctions

Finalist DBS NUS Social Venture Challenge Asia 2014 Jolkona Fellows, 2 weeks intensive training about social entrepreneurship in Seatlle sponsored by US Embassy 1st winner Indonesia ICT Awards 2014 - SME category Finalist Seed Star startup competition



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